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It can be exciting making the decision to set up your own shop. It can also be very nerve-racking. Although there are many factors that can affect whether your shop is a success or not, one of the most important things you need to give special attention to is purchasing the stock for your clothing store. The stock you sell will determine who visits your store and buys from it and whether or not they decide to make repeat visits and encourage their friends and associates to visit it as well.

In the following guide you will find some helpful advice about what you need to do and to think about when buying stock for your store to give your business the best chance of success.

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If you are looking to set up a new clothing business and are at the stage where you are deciding what clothes you are and are not going to stock, it may be causing you more headaches than you’d like. It’s understandable, as a lot of the success of your business is obviously dependant on you choosing stock to sell that your customers are going to want to buy.

One way to choose stock, especially if your target audience is women, would be to think about outfits that never go out of fashion. In the following post we have put together a selection of these, and hopefully it will give you some ideas as to what you might stock in your store.

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Every time customers buy an outfit they need to wear shoes with it. Shoes make up a big part of an outfits appeal and the general look of the outfit. When every woman puts an outfit together they think about the shoes they are going to wear with it. So shoes make up a big part of the look that women are going for. Here we will look at several images a woman might want to convey with her clothing and which shoes will go with that outfit.

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There is something about the 1960’s. Sure, it was a time of liberation; there was the pill, which enabled women to have sexual freedom, and there was the music of course. Everyone was singing about love and freedom. Money was plentiful, the economy was doing well, jobs were easy to come by. The future looked rosy and the fashions were fabulous.

Skirts were short, often very short! Hot pants were fashionable by the end of the 1960’s but the enduring look of the sixties were short skirts and dresses, often with super-cute peter pan collars, and hair styles were high with bouffant hair reaching unprecedented levels. Everyone was back-combing their locks as much as they could, spraying their hair to make it stick, and going out on the town.

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When you want something that is completely in style and really attractive then you could look no further than a crochet pantsuit.

Obviously you need to be slender to wear this sort of garment. There is nothing at all attractive about flesh popping through the holes of a crochet pantsuit. But if you are a slim, small busted woman that wants to make sure she gets her share of attention, then a crochet pantsuit is just the thing that will get you the attention you deserve.

Another important thing about wearing a pantsuit, you will need to have good legs. Really this sort of garment demands that you are slim, although you don’t necessarily need to be tall. In fact, a pantsuit has the effect of making you look taller and elegant.

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Crop tops are incredibly fun and trendy pieces of clothing. They show no sign of going out of style any time soon and are a great addition to your wardrobe if you are someone who loves to show a bit more skin than you would with just a mini skirt or wearing a top with a deep and plunging neckline. Some women are not comfortable wearing crop tops, and that’s fine – each to their own. However, others think that not all body types can wear them. At Stylewise Direct we beg to differ and have some tips to back up our view that any body type can rock a crop top – you just need the know-how.

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